Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend Recap

We survived Beers N Ears! 

My freezer is full(er) of corn and my fridge is empty of beer.  Success. 

Peter brought the save the dates for me (pre-stamped-- awesome!) and helped put addresses on those.  We handed what we could out that night and I was able to put a handfull in the mail yesterday.  I'm hoping to finish those up tonight.  Start checking your mailboxes!!

We had a friend a smoke some ribs, chicken, and pork.  It was amazing.  I gorged myself on that (big surprise there!!).  Everyone brought a side dish or dessert so there were plenty of options for everyone.  The dogs got their share of scraps too.  Clyde got more than his share; I woke up Sunday morning to him gagging.  Luckily I grabbed a bucket just in time! 

After a failed attempt at some cat herding, I headed to Juice's to work on wedding things.  I get there and start getting our craft area in order, only to realize I forgot the paper.  Fail.  I ran to Walmart to get some and we started chuggin away at it.  And then she started stamping...  apparently the ink pad was out of ink because you could hardly make out what she was stamping.  Second fail.  We ended up mainly catching up and playing with TJ. 

Maybe next time!!

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