Sunday, August 24, 2014

Down to a Dozen

The kittens were all sorts of different sizes.  We had a couple with bad eyes that needed cleaning.  I got a tiger stripped one all cleaned up and was down to nursing only one.  (Sidenote:  Tea works wonders for cleaning kitten eyes.)  It was the smallest of them all and wasn't entirely psycho.  I kept it in a kennel so I could clean its eyes out until they weren't bad.  Once they were staying clean on their own, I left the kennel door open so it could run around with the others.

I got home from work one day and emptied the litter box and was walking through the yard on my way to get rid of it.  I happened upon the little kitty.  Dead.  I am now am on the lookout for the culprit...

The motif may have to do with jealousy...

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