Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cat Ranching

This spring I was leaving to go to a bachelorette party and stopped at the mailbox to grab the mail as I went by.  I randomly looked toward the passenger side and saw two beedy eyes staring back at me.  A mouse had crawlen out of my hood onto my windshield. 

That was it.  I informed DJ that we were getting a cat.  Fast forward a couple months, lots of traps, and a hood liner in the car, DJ found some kittens for us.  His physical therapist was going to pick them up and drop them off for us.  Perfect. 

We got three older kitties.  When I say kitties I do not mean the cute little cuddly furry ball of love.  These things were the closest thing to a demon as I've come in contact with.  That's my kind of cat-- stay away from me and we'll get along just fine! 

A couple days later I get informed the lady found another that was from the same litter so I go and pick it up.  It was actually not from the same litter, but about a quarter of the size of the others.  Details... right!? 

Fast forward a week or two and we have thirteen cats.  uhhh what!!  How did that happen?!  I may have had a weak moment or two.  I went from a dog person to the crazy cat lady practically over night.  While I wasn't impressed with myself, DJ was absolutely going to kill me thrilled.  Or something. 

I'm thinking maybe we'll be able to have kittens for party favors at the wedding...

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