Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Things My Mother Never Taught Me #1

A good portion of the blogs I follow are women in agricultural.  For some reason, many of them make it a point to let their readers know that they are also normal girls, in that they wear heels and makeup and dresses and not the bibs that you always see farmers in on TV.  Many will have weekly (or more often) posts about such stuff.  That's great, I'm all for letting folks know about real farmers and their lives, but when they post all this "girly" stuff, I feel like I'm the odd girl out! 

I'm practically dead over a quarter century old and I don't know how to put makeup on.  Ma never taught me, nor did my sisters, or cousin, or friends, or college.  I prefer jeans over dresses; I don't even own a skirt.  Put me in heels and it's like watching a baby learn to walk...  Nine times out of ten, I'm a hot mess. 

Don't get me wrong, I've been all dolled up before. Say, six times? OS & MS weddings, three proms, and an Army ball. I didn't do my hair, makeup, or get the accessories on my own for any of them.

Somehow though, I managed to find a guy who doesn't care.  He thinks I'm dressed up if I put a fitted t-shirt on and then asks me why I'm dressed up, or why I'm wearing my nice boots. 

It's a good thing "my people" love these kind of things, or I'd be gettin hitched in my nice jeans and a button up! If only they were good teachers...

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  1. You're so cute without makeup, though!

    I was in dance, so learning stage makeup was a must. And it just trickled down from there.