Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In the Middle of It All...

As I've told you, we had some crazy weather last week.  Or a couple weeks ago.  I don't really recall when.  We lost some siding and some limbs, nothing too big that I couldn't drag up out of the rode by myself.  And to the two trucks full of guys driving by looking at damage, watching me drag limbs to the pile and not offering to help: thank you very much.  I really appreciate the thoughtfulness.  Enter mean names here.

One of the big storage sheds had part of its roof torn off, but nothing like losing a whole barn/shed like our neighbors did.  I thanked God that night for sparing us from too much damage, as DJ wasn't home (and didn't realize anything was going on...thinking I was crazy for going to the basement when the house started to whistle...). 

The next night I went up the road to our neighbors and this is what I saw:

God's Promise
  A big rainbow! It reminded me that he has a plan and is watching over me.  (Seriously, whats with the underlining?!  Does it show up for you?!) 

Later that evening we stood in awe as this went by.  He spared us from getting any bad weather from that one, which I was extremely thankful for!!

The more it moved the more layers it seemed to have!  We watched it until it got too dark to see the clouds and we went in.  We keep getting rain, but I'm not going to complain, as it could be raining and I could have nowhere dry to go! 

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