Monday, July 23, 2012

Corn Corn Corn!!

Whoa... where has the time gone!?  It's been awhile since I've posted.  I can't think of too much going on though... lame, I know. 

This past Saturday we decided to freeze corn.  Talk about a busy day!  We started shucking before 9am (we had to wait for the corn to get picked before we could go pick it up-- yeah, DJ farms but I guess they can't figure out how to grow sweet corn-- we'll blame the drought next year.  I expect better results next year from them!!).  We started out at his parents' house and did over 20 dozen-- I can't count that high.  We did over 40 bags there.  Once my sister got up here with the corn she had picked up, we went to our place and started shucking her stuff there.  We had over 15 baker's dozen and then DJ brought the extra from his parents for us to use.  We got over 60 bags, again, we lost count.  I know there was 54 bags in the box and we had to write on more than what I had ready for us. 

It all went really smooth.  I got to see how most people freeze corn (cooking the corn while on the cob) at his parents' and then we did it the better way (my great grandma's way) at our place.  I'll admit, their way was much quicker, but we'll see which one tastes better!! ;o)  Once they got all cleaned up at their place, his parents came down and helped us-- talk about saving time!!  We were all done 3pm.  (Note: the drinking had started much earlier)  No one lost a finger this year-- always a plus!!  We then decided we were going to have a grill out.  Everyone that helped with corn came back as well as my parents and a couple more friends.  Once everyone had left, I was ready for bed, but DJ informed me otherwise!!  I finally got to meet one of his good friends from way back when.  Despite being exhausted, it was a really great time!!

Sunday morning DJ made me biscuits and gravy (yeah-- ya know the saying about teaching a kid to fish instead of catching one for him-- yeah, totally true!!)  and my grandpa called saying they were going to a wedding anniversary party and would be going by and wanted to know if we would be interested in lunch.  (yeah, he knows how much I love food...)  After a quick cleaning spree through the house (they hadn't seen it yet, so a tour was a given) they showed up and took their tour.  I took Gpa up to see my pony quick and then we went to eat.  Once we got back home it was a pretty lazy day, as it was too hot to be outside!!  We made some cheesy potatoes with some ham thrown in for supper and I actually convinced DJ to play a card game before he went to bed!  I'd say I'm winning!! :o) 

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend themselves!!

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