Thursday, March 2, 2017

Month Seven

Month seven came and went.  Four months to go (less now...)!

I was doing chores on a Thursday and when I was walking around, I decided to reach down and handle Mama's teats (NOT to be confused with Ma).  I've done this randomly since I decided to breed her to get her used to having her teats messed with, so she will allow the foal to nurse.  She's never had an issue with it; she'd just look at me like what are you doing under there?  This day was different.  She wasn't having it and tried kicking at me.  I looked under there and noticed one side was way bigger than the other.  Since she was otherwise acting normal, I decided to keep an eye on it for a few days to see if there were any changes.  Monday rolled around and there wasn't much change.  The more research I did, the worse the news got.  I decided to call the vet and see what he said.  He wanted to see her to make sure it wasn't mastitis.  I had the day off, so we got the trailer hooked up and headed down.

He checked her over and "milked" her.  It was (as far as we can tell) milk.  Normal looking milk.  He decided to do an ultrasound, as early milk production can be a sign of abortion.  Everything looked normal on the ultrasound.  We saw the little one's head and the placenta looked fine.  Her cervix is tight.  All signs of a normal/healthy pregnancy.  Gotta love it when the vet says your case is a head scratcher....

We decided to treat it as placentitis to be safe.  Antibiotics twice a day until there's a baby.  We're assuming the baby is sick and will need to be seen ASAP.  As it gets closer to then, I'll talk to my vet and decide if he wants her down there to foal or if our place is good enough and call when something happens.

Here's some pictures of her at approximately seven months.  I think you can see she was feeling fine!!

The chalkboard would have been pretty boring- -the only news: We have hair on the tail!

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