Friday, March 17, 2017

Exciting Things

About a month ago, DJ was sitting in our living room and "felt a rain drop."  His words, not mine.  He called a contractor friend to have him come out and look at it.  I suggested DJ mentioning finishing the basement to him and see what it would cost.  "Just get a rough estimate so we have an idea," I said.  To my surprise, DJ asked.

And then DJ started making plans!

Nick has come out a few times to measure things and talk about a plan.  We change things on him each time he comes, cuz I'm convenient like that..

So now my lunch breaks are spent on Pinterest looking/dreaming/planning.  Here's my vision.  Ish...
Basement Remodel

Yes, I do realize that is an outdoor fire pit.  No, I am not planning on putting it in my basement.  Maybe I can find an indoor version looking similar.

I'm sure my plans will change multiple times, but they're going to start framing on Monday.  Flying by the seat of my pants.  My comfort zone.

Also-- today marks eight months!  It's nice out and Char's coming up, so maybe we can get some decent pictures of Mama in all her muddy glory!

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