Friday, June 12, 2015

Catch Up

Pretty sure that's all I ever do on here is play catch up!!

Last weekend DJ, Brother Chris, Mel, and I went to North Dakota for a wedding.  It's always fun when you travel with others for the first time.  We'd all never been in a car together for more than an hour so I wasn't sure what to expect.  People have different habits/routines-- personally I don't stop until I need fuel.  Probably why people hate going far with me.  Thank Pa for that!  It ended up going very smoothly (minus the rental car ordeal...).  Of course I can't talk for any of them--I was asleep or attempting to sleep most of the ride!

We got there Friday evening and had a few drinks before heading to the rehearsal dinner.  We weren't in the wedding, we just crash rehearsals.  We ate, they rehearsed, everyone drank, and then we went back to the campfire for s'mores and drinks.  After three failed attempts at s'mores I gave it up for the evening.  We called it a night and headed to our air mattress.

We got up in the morning and Byrnes and DJ made breakfast for us.  For some reason Byrnes was surprised that the Knollies were the only couple prepared for camping-- I was a little offended!!

It started raining shortly after so we just hung out under the cabin's overhang until it was time to get ready for the wedding.

It was the sweetest wedding ever!!  They wrote their own vows and read them to each other.  Adorable.  I can only imagine what DJ would have written for ours...

After the reception we headed to the fire ring and got the bonfire started.  We called it quits pretty early since we had to get up and clean and pack before we could leave in the morning.

Although it was a short trip, I think we all had a good time.  I even got DJ to smile (although pretty creepily) for a picture!

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