Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Bachelor

Yep. I watch it. Go ahead and judge.

I feel like I'm obligated this season. I mean he's a farmer.  From Iowa.  He's probably the most famous farmer in the country at the moment. He's the one showing America what a farmer is.  Aside from a family farm in Iowa, corn, and soybeans I'm pretty sure he has little to nothing in common with my farmer. (Can you picture DJ with any of the following: pink shirts, fancy pants, motorcycle, etc)

Which is fine. I just wish Chris would take the opportunity to sell the lifestyle instead of making it seem like this life sucks. He seems embarrassed and even said he was insecure about this lifestyle. I don't think he realizes that this is the life so many of us want to preserve. Or am I the only one?  We I don't need or want the fast pace of the city. And with urban sprawl this lifestyle as we know it is being threatened. 

I also wish he would use the opportunity to support the farmers. Besides the comment from one girl asking if alfalfa is organic in the first episode, he's hardly mentioned anything about what he does. He hasn't said we do everything we can for our animals because happy animals produce more than stressed out ones.  Or how GMOs play such an important role in our future. This is the perfect opportunity for him to get the word out. To tell people to go to the source. To tell America to ask a farmer.  To tell them antibiotics aren't abused by the majority of farmers. To tell them that their best interest is in the animals. That this is his lifestyle. His life. 

For answers to your GMO questions, check out gmoanswers.com.  Feel free to ask your questions here too-- I know a farmer or two that can answer!  (Along with many others in the ag industry that I have access to!)  :)

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