Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

We woke up to about a foot of fresh snow this morning. I high-kneed it out to the barn to do morning chores. From the looks of it, the horses hadn't been out of the run in for quite some time. The drift was to my waist so I crawled through to check that the waterer was keeping up- it was. I made Pongo plow a path to it while I was out there to make sure they could/would drink today. 
I came back in and made some Philly cheesesteak soup. (Not keeping that recipe!!) I finished up some wedding thank yous and did some laundry. I then made some cookies. 
I stuck some chicken in to cook while I went back out to make a path off the deck and do chores. I got about 5 feet into the path before deciding it would be more fun to play in the snow with Clyde.
We came back in and made some buffalo chicken cups and cheese sticks. 
Now we're watching the game. I think my favorite part has been the Budweiser commercial with the dog that came home! 
Time to get geared up for another week and the possibility of some more snow!!!

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