Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Well Hello...

I survived Thanksgiving!!  And Black Friday!!

Char came up Wednesday and woke me from my cat nap.  We ate lunch and then got straight to work on wedding stuff sat on the couch and were really productive... So much for planning ahead!!  We decided to let future us worry about that wedding.  That is coming up.  THIS MONTH!!  WOOT WOOT!!  It's amazing how fast yet how slow this year has gone!!

We ended up at the neighbors eating pizza Wednesday night and headed back to the SHITMON to prepare for the big day.

Since Ma's dining room table is covered in wedding stuff, we held my family Thanksgiving at the SHITMON.  We got up that morning and cleaned (aka Char kicked the dogs and me out of the house) and then started making goodies.  The family started showing up a little before noon.  DJ's parents joined us and some wedding details were hashed out and a bottle or five of wine was drank.   Once the family left, we headed back to the neighbors where more wine may or may not have been consumed...

We came back and Char and I decided to get up at three in the morning to go shopping.  That quickly got pushed back until seven, which turned into 8:30.  Neither of us had anything we were dying to get so it worked out well.  With the exception of Kohl's, nothing was busy and we didn't wait in lines.

I'm off to see the one man who's ever told me I had pixie feet (yep-- that's love if I do say so myself) this weekend and then it's back to the wedding grind.

The next few weeks are full of finishing wedding details with a little big of work thrown in there too.  I can't wait to see everyone!!!  :)  Hopefully I'll be a little better of a blogger, but don't count on it!!

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