Friday, December 12, 2014


The photographer has been met with.

The caterer has been met with.

I should probably actually read my notes and see what I was supposed to follow up on...

Chuckles still doesn't have a dress.  We're letting future us worry about that.

There was talk about loading a semi trailer full of wedding stuff.  Umm... what?!  Is this a wedding or a circus?!  Both.  Should've know.

Chuck may or may not be coming tonight to drink work on arts and crafts.

Lil' Poo Dog's coming Sunday to finish some bouquets.

Sammi's coming down Monday for arts and crafts time.

We go back to the consistory Tuesday to iron some stuff out.

And most excitedly: I have less than five full days of work until the big day!!  Excited face!!

This whole thing just might come together yet!!

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