Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Catching Up

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!  DJ and I celebrated with his family early and then with my family on Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving.  We took the boys with us to Ma and Pa's and they got to play with their cousins.  MC got along great for his first over night trip!  He wasn't even the one we had to clean up after!!

I made CJ a lemon meringue pie (gross).  I winged it, but she said it was good.  I took her word for it.

Ma told me I had a fat ass.

We ate.

We went home.

I went to work and watered.

And that is how we spent the holiday!!

MS came and spent the night and we went shopping on Friday.  And as always, we were hot messes.  It just wouldn't be black Friday without it!  :)

I put the lights up outside.  All
DJ and I put the tree up tonight.  He did "help" me put lights on it and the moose on top.  Now I'm trying to get presents wrapped and figure out who else I need to buy for!

During this crazy time, I hope you will also remember the real reason for the season and keep Christ in CHRISTmas!


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