Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Woofta, it's cold out there!!  I get home from work and lose all ambition and any desire to go back outside into the frigid tundra!  Maybe I'm just a pansy; MC doesn't seem to mind going out one bit! 

DJ thinks we need to clean the garage, so I guess that's where you'll find me tonight!  Luckily it's heated so I should be able to feel all of my digits when we're done.  Hopefully we can find those mice we have been trying to catch and get rid of them before they find a way into the house-- gross!

So while most other people are spending their time wrapping presents and sitting by the warm fire, I'll be heave-ho-ing our DJ's new garage cabinets around until they're in the right place for him!

Ahh good times.  Feel free to stop by and lend a helping hand! :)

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