Monday, October 28, 2013

He's Here!

As promised, here is the newest member of the family!  Sorry for the terrible quality pictures, they're all from my phone since that is what I usually have with me!!  And NOW...

Introducing, MC.  

(and the crowd goes wild...)

DJ and I went down to see the puppies.  She had had two litters within three days of each other and I believe she had a total of 15 puppies.  They were 4 months old when we first visited. .

MC at 4 months
We drove down to see him and his sisters the week before we left on vacation.  As soon as she opened the pen, legs and tails went everywhere!  MC was the first puppy to come over to me, so I was thrilled to know that it was the only male left!  After we asked lots of questions and played with the puppies, we asked the breeder if she would be willing to keep him until we got back and then we could pick him up.  She was more than happy to do that for us.

JW wasn't real sure what to think of him.  He blew MC off when we brought him home.  I think he is figuring out that this is his new partner in crime and it won't be too long until JW leads him astray!!  It seems that MC picks up on only the naughty things JW does!  (Mainly annoying things for a dog his size, but things I want to prevent becoming habitual for a dog that will be bigger than me.)

JW decided to let MC on his bed with him.
We got him when he was around 4.5 months old.  When we took him to the vet, they looked at his teeth and discovered that he still had some baby ones.  So far I've found three of them.
One of his last baby teeth. 
He is really learning things quickly.  He can entertain himself for quite awhile outside with his toys and the sticks that he can find.  He also loves to pull weeds (and occasionally some flowers) for me.

Helping mom plant some bulbs. 

Ehh, I guess we can keep him...

He's also figuring out that five letter word that every dog should know:

Mmm, a treat!
He isn't nearly as picky as JW about those, but he does eat them pretty slowly and off away from everyone else like JW.

While he does remind us a lot of UC, he definitely has his own personality!  Luckily he doesn't mind water and it will be fun to see if he will go swimming when it warms back up.  I'm also excited for the first snow and to watch him play in it.  UC loved the snow and would roll in it and cover his face in it.  Hopefully MC does too and isn't quite as wimpy as JW when it comes to the cold weather!!

Stay tuned for more UC and JW updates... I'm sure they're plotting their first adventure!! 

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