Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Short and ...

Sweet.  Embarrassing. 

DJ's mom asked if I could go pick up her CSA for her last week.  I said I would. 

I went once last year as well, and when I pulled up the local news channel was there.  The people looked at me like I was crazy.  Apparently they had sent out an e-mail saying they weren't doing it that week, but she was on vacation and didn't have her computer, so how was I to know! 

I thought my second shot would go better... 

I pull up and head toward the barn.  A little girl was riding her bike so I said hi and continued on my way, acting like I knew what I was doing.  I get in the barn and there's a sign that says to grab your box and something about a list with your name and to check it off when you take some.  So I walk into the fridge and look around to see what I was supposed to be taking.  I found the list of names and her's was already checked off.  Hmm... did someone else come and pick it up?  Or is that just for the extra stuff and they take turns?  I don't know!  I look around and see a bunch of boxes, none with names on and they all look the same.  There were also some loose green beans in a box.  I decided I was supposed to grab a box and some loose beans and headed out. 

And then the door wouldn't open.  Awesome.  I tried pushing.  I tried this little lever thing on the side and the pull thing on the other side.  Hmm... what else should I try.  I go back to just pushing. 

And then I remember the little girl.  So I start knocking.  Luckily she comes and lets me out-- but still won't talk to me when I try, so I decide to get out of dodge before someone else sees me informs me I'm taking the wrong thing.

I see two workers on my way out, I just said hi and kept on a truckin'!

I think I'll pass the next time she asks me to go pick it up!! ;)

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