Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Blogger?

I used to think my life was too boring to have a blog.  I mean, what would I write about??

Clearly I was right.

It seems the stories come in waves.  One day I'll have ten things to write about (but only write about one, because I'll remember) and then the next my memory has failed and I'm stuck writing about how I have nothing to write about! 

I thought the iPhone was going to help with that?!  Fail. 

I did finally get some stuff out of my weed patch garden.  We had a lettuce salad last night that came from it, although neither of us liked it.  Way too bitter for us.  I also made some guacamole with avacados that came from the grocery store, and then onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos that came from my garden.  It most definitely beat the salad.  I'll have to update you with all my flowers.  Some have decided to bloom.  Others decided to die.  So goes my green thumb...

Hopefully I'll have some good stories come up here soon.  For your sake.

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