Saturday, December 22, 2012


Well it's going to be a white Christmas for us this year. Wednesday evening and Thursday morning we got snow! In the form of a blizzard. We even had thunder snow! DJ and I had a snow day on Thursday and I got another one on Friday. Started my Christmas vacation out a couple days earlier!! MS thought it wasn't fair since she still had to go in. Turns out they got about a quarter of the snow we did! I think they decided we got around 13 inches. I don't know how they tell since it was blowing almost 50 mph at times so our yard goes from practically bare to a couple foot high drifts! Yesterday turned out to be pretty nice and the sun was shining so I decided to load up the dogs and go for a ride. We rode around the farm for a bit before the sun started to go down and it got chilly. I love busting drifts in horseback. I giggle so much it's a miracle I stay on! Here's a couple pictures of the snow! Ignore my finger, it was bright out and I was just pointing and shooting by guess!

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