Tuesday, November 13, 2012



I remembered to email myself what I started typing in Mississippi. Hopefully I can fill in the blanks where I skipped writing! I'll start with the first day out and add more to it :)

The Drive.
DJ got up at 5am so he could go to breakfast with the guys.I got up once he got out of the shower.I showered and threw the last of my stuff in bags and loaded the car.I fed the dogs and Ma and I were off.
I don't recall the exact number, but a few hours into the trip, the GPS dies. Not from the battery being too low. I've had the thing for probably five years and I didn't take it inside when it got brutally hot or cold, so I guess Steveo had an excuse... so somewhere in Missouri we're on our own. Luckily Ma threw in an atlas (from the 1800's I'm guessing...) and between that and my iPhone (luckily I threw it and the wireless card in) we were able to get to Mississippi.

Once we got to town though, Ma apparently forgot how to tell her left from right and follow the highlighted directions!! After a few turn arounds, a few wrong turns, and a few choice words, we made it to the hotel.

We took some stuff in and then headed to eat. I found a restaurant online that was known for their cajun food, so I had to try it! It was a fun little place and the food was alright. Our main courses were sub-par but the appetizer was awesome!! (and healthy) Baked potatoes with everything you could imagine piled on... yumm!!

We headed back to the hotel and went read our books for a bit before falling asleep.

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