Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Written on the Sunday of the Mississippi trip:
I told Ma I was sleeping in today and not to wake me up. I woke up and she wasn’t in her bed so I text her, only for her phone to go off two foot away from me. Here she comes out of the bathroom for it… I ask her what she was doing—she had gone in there to read instead of using the book light I brought for her. She headed down to work out and I said I would be down shortly. I got up and dressed and headed down for my run. Ugh—treadmills are NOT my style!! I used to think they were easier than running on the ground, but I sweated more today than I have in a long, long time!! There was NO air movement in there and I’m pretty sure they had the heat on! Not a fan. I finished running and we went and had breakfast. Mom said I could go shower and she would finish her tea and be up. I head upstairs and housekeeping is in our room. What’s the luck? Back down I go. She finished her tea and we came back up and they were just finishing up so I hopped in the shower then. I turned it on before I got in so it could warm up, yeah, it was pointed at the toilet. Water everywhere. Sweet. I shower. Somehow I knock or drop my retainer (yeah, I’m an old metal mouth—what of it!?) and broke it. Go figure. She gets in the shower and gets ready. We decide to go look for the place I was going to have my classes at and then grab lunch and then I’d bring her back to the hotel and go to my class. I look up the address and put it in the iPhone and hit go. After a few wrong turns, we get to where it says… the middle of a trailer park. Nailed it!
So we decide to just go to campus and see if we can find it. Right. This has to be the biggest campus ever!! Or just the least visitor friendly one. The campus map online has building names but doesn’t have street names. Campus streets have names and about 14 percent of the buildings have names on them—yes I did the math, ha! None of the streets are straight. None of the students had any idea this building even existed. Ma still can’t run the iPhone so it was pretty much go from parking lot to parking lot, parking so I could look at the phone and see if we were close. It was a Sunday so no one would answer the phone. After an explicit or two flew and I was running out of ideas, I saw a road we hadn’t been on so I shot up it and low and behold there she was! Ahhh… two hours later we found her! I run Ma back to the hotel and go back to the class.
Once class is over, I go back to the hotel. I remember to look for my debit card in the car. Can’t find it. Okay, must’ve stuck it in my purse or wallet. Up to the room I go to get Ma and take her to eat. I look through my purse while I wait for her. Nothing. We walk to the restaurant and back and I say I’m going to go look in the car again. Nothing. She decides she will look through her stuff. Nothing. So I call PB to get the number to report a lost card. Get it cancelled. I’m sure I’ll find it tomorrow or something now that I’ve cancelled it—that’s what has happened every other time I have lost it!! (no—this is not a first for me!) I decided to call it a night after that; hoping the luck of the trip would turn my way soon!

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