Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Class Reunion

DJ had his 10 year class reunion this past weekend.  We met up with two other couples beforehand and grilled ribeye steak sandwiches (yummmmmmmmy).  We went to the park and of the 90-100 (I can't remember the exact number) of kids he graduated with, I think there was around 20.  Not bad!  I don't feel too bad about only having 13 of the kids in my class of 40 show up to my 5 year one!!  It was a pretty relaxed ordeal.  Just catching up with people he hadn't seen in awhile and I met a bunch of new people.  We slipped by the bar on the way home to see a few of them who had stopped there and then headed home. 

Sunday I got to work on the corner shelf that I am making from an old door out of the rental (pictures to come soon!)  I'm hoping to get it done by Saturday for the big baby shower!  : ) 

Our front doors finally got painted!  They're not re-hung yet, but I'm excited to see them up.  They should look a little better than the "random tan that didn't match anything" color that they were!  Hope you had a great weekend and be careful in the heat this week!!

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