Wednesday, June 20, 2012

About Us

First off, we're not married.  I am stealing his last name in hopes that some day (probably far far far down the avenue) he will decide to share it with me! 
He's a farmer and a trucker.  I'm a research worker in the agronomy world.  Hot. Dog.  Don't we sound exciting?!  :)  We have two dogs, BT and UC. 
I adopted BT after he was found roaming the streets.  He lived with my roommate and me in our small apartment until we slowly took over the rental last year!  He now spends most of the day chasing bugs, birds, and the occasional rabbit, as well as barking at anything or nothing... however you want to look at it! 
We adopted UC this past March.  A friend mentioned he had him and according to DJ, I "got all giddy" and apparently he can't say no to a giddy TK!!  So on a Sunday afternoon UC was added to the family.  After going on a diet, he now spends his days following BT around and eating sticks. 
We also had A and B, mice that lived in our mailbox (I'm sure the mailman grew fond of them).  They had babies last week and DJ said no more and kicked them out.  Sad.  So far they haven't been back, but I have a feeling once they let DJ lose a little steam, they'll be back!! 
So that is who we are!  If you have anymore questions, please let me know!!

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