Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nothing to See Here

Holy smokes-- the countdown is on!  We are officially under the one month mark!!  I kinda fell off the wagon with taking pictures of Lil' Mama-- this should surprise nobody!

Pa delivered a load of straw last week, so Lil' Mama (not to be confused with my Mama) has been spending her nights in the stall.  Since she hasn't been showing any signs that she is close to foaling, she's still out with Pongo during the day.

I have everything in the barn ready to roll (I think).

She has started to get a bag, but nothing crazy.  Her croup is still tight.  Her teats are full, but that's nothing new!  She's a maiden mare so she may or may not show the normal signs!  I keep telling her it's not time yet.  Oh yeah, and she's still getting her antibiotics twice a day.

I went ahead and ordered another camera so I can have one on her in the stall at night and one on the pasture during the day.  And then one ended up in her water bucket...
Surprisingly it still works, but it has some condensation on the lens making it blurry.  I'll put that one on the pasture since babies usually come at night.  If you want the info to check in on her let me know.  I may or may not be able to walk/talk you through setting it up! :)

Oh yeah-- if you see Pa, make sure to wish him Happy Birthday today!!

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