Friday, April 7, 2017

Finally Friday

And I'm finally back!! :)  Oops... my absence has no good excuse, other than I haven't had any good stories happen to me.  Or taken any good pictures...

Until today.

Guys, we have big news to share from the SHITMON!!  Still no pictures though.

Bonnie has flown the coop!

I've had the door open and the gate unlocked for a few days and they've been wandering out of their cage, but not the garage.  I was heading walking back to the house from the barn this morning and heard some honking by the trees.  Upon investigation, Bonnie was not in the garage anymore.  Floyd's still holding down the fort there, for now.  I have given strict orders to not let the dogs out unsupervised so they scare her away.

Here's to hoping she doesn't fly away and just hangs out in the yard/trees.  Time will tell!!

Have a great weekend!

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