Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mattress Shopping

On our way home from Texas, Pa had us stop and pick up some chairs he had ordered to match his table.  While there, DJ and I picked out and ordered a new bed.  The new bed was done at the beginning of January, so DJ headed to pick it up.  The new bed is a king.  Our old one was a queen. So we needed to find a mattress.

Back in the summer we had stayed at a friend's house and loved their mattress.  We asked them for the details and started our search.   Shouldn't be hard, right?  We had the brand, the style name, the store where they bought it...  wrong!   The store didn't carry that specific bed any longer and apparently the different stores give them different names, so it wasn't like we could just go to any store and find it.  We finally found out we could order it straight from the manufacturer, but it was going to take a month.

You could say we're impatient...

Some friends told us about this place where you go lay on a machine and they tell you which bed in the store to buy.  That's what they did and they ended up loving their bed.  We decided it was worth a shot so off we went.

We get there and no one will help us, so we just go lay down on the machine hoping something would happen.  Negative.  We finally flag down a guy who gets us started and then disappears.  We get our print out and go find our options.  We narrow it down to a few and find a lady to get us prices and see if they're in stock.

We narrow it down to two mattresses.  One is available now and the other is half the price.  What to do?  What to do?

So naturally we do what any adult couple would do-- we flip a coin.

I'm sure the sales people appreciated DJ telling the other customers that's how you're supposed to pick out mattresses...

The good news is-- we both like it so far!

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