Wednesday, December 21, 2016


My boss left work early Monday afternoon.  Shortly after, she sent a picture and then called, asking if I got the picture.  I said I had, but I hadn't looked at it.  She goes, "Well there's a horse in the middle of the road.  What do I do?"  uhh...  what!?  I asked her if there were any houses around that she could ask if it was theirs or if they knew who it belonged to.  We hung up and I looked at the picture.  It had a halter on it.  Surely it belonged to someone. She called back.  It was chasing her as she tried pulling away.  "It's really friendly.  What do I do!?"

I said I'd head that way and between the two of us we could surely throw it in the back of the Explorer.  I get there and this thing is much larger than the picture showed...

The guy who lived nearby had come out with a rope.  I called the sheriff while they caught him.  No one had reported a missing horse and they were going to .  Perfect.  Now what?  Have I mentioned it's probably 11F degrees out!?  The guy and I start calling people in the area.  No one knows who has a mini.  We end up tying him to a tree and head home.  I put the picture on Facebook asking if anyone knows who he belongs to.  A few hours later I was able to round up a truck and trailer (of course DJ wasn't around with his truck...).  We'll go load him up and he can stay here for the night.

We get the trailer hooked up and I check Facebook again.  BINGO!!  Someone claims him.  I tell her to call me.  They didn't have a trailer, so we went ahead and met them there to pick him up and take him home.

The boys were so close to getting their Christmas pony...

But on a serious note-- if your horse goes missing call the sheriff so I can call you when it's still light out that I found your horse and save us all three hours of our lives...

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