Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekend Plans

Chuck survived her trip overseas.  She's coming to visit and I can't hardly wait to hear about everything!  We were able to chat via video calls a couple times while she was over there, but the connection wasn't always the best.  Plus, she has a gift for me.  Well, hopefully she brings it with her when she comes...

I'm also making my first greenhouse(s) trip this weekend.  That's always a fun time.  DJ always loves coming home to a porch full of new flowers!! ;)

Peter might come to play with horses Sunday, but that's kind of in the air still.
The weather should be perfect for that!

I might get a puppy play date at some point too.  That will probably give me puppy fever.  Gimme all the puppies!!! {insert heart eyes}

DJ is farming about 16 hours a day, so maybe I'll be able squeeze in a little time to go ride with him.

My weekend is going to start by fixing the barn door the three stooges managed to break.  Or at least making an attempt before I give up and go buy a new one.  Work hard, play harder, right?

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