Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Oh hey there

So it's been a Day or two since I've posted. Let's see what all I can catch you up on... Let's start with December. 

In December we threw my parents a surprise birthday/anniversary party back home. We were somehow able to pull it off without them finding out the truth. I'm pretty sure they will never trust any of us kids or their closest 200 friends and family members.

For Christmas we continued the tradition of Christmas Eve dinner with the Knolls. We gave both of the boys balance bikes and of course more books for their collection. We then headed back home to spend the night at mom and dads. Highlights included grinch drinks, crab legs that were way over smoked, and Cards Against Humanity. We had a back Christmas morning to have breakfast with more of DJ's family before ending up at our house for more Cards Against Humanity and drinks with family and friends. 

On December 30, we welcomed five baby kitties to the ranch.

New Year's eve (our anniversary) was spent in a friends shop with some friends for drinks, snacks, and stories before calling it a early night after a margarita at the Mexican restaurant. Romantic as always!

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