Friday, November 14, 2014

Wedding Planning Extended

Leo Roy came down last night to try on some dresses that my family has collected over the years to see if any would work for her to wear for DJ's and my wedding.  Surprisingly, they all fit.  Who knew someone so tall and skinny could fit into the same dresses us not-so-tall nor skinny Morrisons fit in!!  Neither of us cared which one she wore, but luckily we sent pictures to Chuckles and she decided for us.  Check that off the to-do list!!  :) 

We also scratched off a lot of lotto tickets.  I think we won $5.  Not bad...

She also had a bag of stuff for me!  It was totally like Christmas!!  It contained parts of my bachelorette party gift and then this little homemade box of love. 

I opened it up and it was a piece of paper and the first thing I read was "Something Old" with a checkmark.  This instantly scared me.  I thought she had kept some embarrassing item from when we were little, maybe some goop, and had kept it all these years for me.  I kept reading though and my day was then made!!  Check it out at CropDoc's Blog!!

I should probably start dieting and practicing arts and craft time now...

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