Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

The day some love.  The day some hate.  And the day I could care less about...

In elementary, it meant a school party-- win!
In high school, the office would fill with flowers for all the girls and make all the others feel like crap because they don't have a boyfriend-- or in my case I had a boyfriend but didn't get flowers delivered to school, more on that in a bit.
In college it was a reason for us girls to get together and have our own date nights.
And now, it means I go to work and then go home.  Just like every other day! 
Tonight is going to get pretty crazy though, I'm taking MC to the vet to get weighed.  (Yeah, I know y'all are jealous of my V-Day!)

DJ and I have been together for a few Valentine's Days.  The first one I went out to eat with another guy.  (DJ knows about that now...)  And those V-Days since?  I couldn't tell you anything about them!  I know I've told him (multiple times) not to get me roses, or any flowers, on February 14.  That's just a waste of my barn money crazy to spend that kind of money for something that tomorrow will be half the price.  I remember one year he got me a bowl.  He went with a friend who got his wife a piece of pottery and so he thought he needed to get me one.  That bowl now holds onions in the corner where no one really sees it.  I told him to think for himself next time!!  Other than that, I have no idea if he's given me anything on Valentine's Day or not, and I'm completely okay with that!!  Just like I don't care that I've never received a Christmas present from him, even though I tend to go crazy at Christmastime!

I get stuff on a random Tuesday because he saw it and thought of me.  I got Buzz Balls a few weeks ago, for no reason.  I'm getting a barn.  I got an Explorer to drive my dogs around in.  Heck, he gave me a place to live when he knew me for a hot second and never asked for anything in return!  I got a ring.  (Man, I think I better go get him a better V-Day gift after writing this post...)

My point is, even though the calendar says Valentine's Day is on February 14, we celebrate it randomly throughout the year.  We're like that-- random. 

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