Monday, September 17, 2012

Harvest Time

Crazy talk, pure crazy talk.  We've been in the field over a week now picking corn.  (And by we I mean DJ and the boys)  It's so early!!  The drought has caused the crop year to go really fast this year and we're getting into full swing.  They have two or three hundred of their acres out.  They have also done some custom picking, where they go pick other peoples' corn for them.  The beans are getting closer day by day.  I don't see a lot of DJ this time of year, but I try to remain available if they need me to run one of them somewhere, or pick them up, or bring something to them.  I also try to keep food (and booze) in the fridge for easy meals on the go-- any suggestions are welcome!!

Luke Bryan might say it better than I do!!

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