Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Home Sweet Home

Charlie has decided that the ranch isn't such an awful place to reside.  While he still doesn't come over and want scratches like Minkus, he doesn't scurry up the corner posts to the rafters any more.

Yep.  You got it right, we are now a two cat barn!  I can get an occasional pet in when I distract him with food. 

On other random happenings around the farm... a chicken showed up.

On my deck. 

Ma sent a picture of it just chilling on my deck.  By the time I got home she'd moved to the yard and trees. 

We figured the coyotes or something would get her over night, but to our surprise she was still hanging out when DJ did chores in the morning. 

The next time I saw her, she had made it through the horses and into the stall.  I gave her some food and water and told DJ. 

Next thing I know DJ had given her away.

But I did find an egg last night...

Friday, March 15, 2019

Charlie Update

Charlie has been spotted! 

DJ saw him yesterday morning when choring.  I thought I saw him yesterday afternoon, but when I went to investigate further nothing showed up, so I thought it was just the wind from opening the door.  DJ said he was in the same corner that I saw something. 

I'll dig a little deeper tonight.  Wish me luck!!

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Earlier this week we added another animal to the crazy farm.  A yellow cat that goes by the name of Charlie.  I can't wait until he bites me so I can say, "Ouch Charlie.  You bit me.  That really hurt."  (BRB-Scurrying off to find that video...)

I'm back.  Cracks me up every time.  Charlie laughing at the end...

Anywho... back to the story. 

Charlie and his brother were rescued as kittens.  His brother found a nice loving family who spoils him rotten and Charlie got left with me.  Charlie definitely drew the short straw.  Sorry Charlie.  So he got dropped off and I locked him in the barn so he couldn't run away and he can figure out that this is home now.  I went in to chore that afternoon and could not find him.  Anywhere.  I call for him.  I ask Minkus where he is.  Nothing.  I gave up and decided I'd check the next day.  Still nothing.  I have no idea where this cat is!  I've searched the hay racks, behind stalls, under blankets, nothing.  Nowhere. Nada.  I'm not sure if the kids played hide and seek with Charlie and he got real good at it or if he grew thumbs and opened the door and let himself out or if Molly had a change of heart and came and picked him up before I got home (she denies this, but I'm not sure I buy it...).

If you know of a good way to lure a cat out of hiding let me know.  Or if you have any ideas of where he could be hiding.  Maybe you speak cat and can come talk to him to come out? 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Breaking Daddy In

The other night I went to the city with my parents.  I left DJ in charge.  Ed and him were going to play.  Take a bath.  Have supper.  Go to bed.  This is not a first.  I didn't think twice about it when we left. 
We went out to eat and then headed downtown.  We weren't there long when I got a text from DJ saying Ed had thrown up.  Hmm... well that's a first.  I chuckled to myself since we're talking about the guy who threw up when he was cleaning up the dog's vomit while I was away on work.
He gave her a bath and she was playing around so he thought it was a one and done deal.  Turns out it wasn't.  There were a few more puking instances. 
She fell asleep on him and was content until we got back and then I got in on the fun. 
For someone so tiny, she sure can make a mess in a hurry.  I don't think the washer or dryer got more than a five minute break yesterday from cleaning up the mess(es).  I'm pretty sure at least half of DJ's shirts were in the laundry thanks to Ed.
I think it's safe to say we'll all be glad if we don't have a repeat for (at least) another eleven months.
She was back to her normal self in less than 24 hours.  Destroying what is left of the house in her usual manner.

Thursday, February 14, 2019


I've been receiving some grief for not updating...
They didn't update their app so it's not available to use.  That makes things a little less than convenient!

I was going to take a cute picture of Ed's Valentine's Day outfit this morning, but then DJ decided to put something else on... Sorry about y'all's luck! 

I got her a Llama Llama Valentine's book.  I can't remember the title, but we read it three times last night before bed.  Girl loves her some books!

I imagine the rest of my Valentine's Day will go something like work, chore, pickup Ed, cook, eat, and in bed by 9.  Don't be too jealous!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

We Have a Whopper!

Yesterday we had the big nine month checkup at the doctor's office.  By big I mean it's out of the ordinary for us, so by default that makes it big.  Welcome to our exciting life!

Someone finally broke the 15 pound mark!  (I say finally like I have a clue when that normally happens...) 15lbs 3oz 26.75in. long. 

I think this is the first time the doctor hasn't asked me how many ounces of milk she drinks.  As if I should know.  Have I already went off on this tangent?!  I'd blame mom brain, but let's be real.  I just can't remember shit like that.  Ask me what I was wearing when I met DJ and I can tell you.  Or what color the Crayon bandage I wore on my forehead to a graduation party in 2000 was.  Things that may or may not have happened recently though... pshh no idea!  But seriously.  Did everyone else's boobs come with a flow meter on them or how am I supposed to know how much comes out?! 

In other news, my Christmas cards may or may not get mailed out by the end of the month.  #ontopofit

Sunday, December 30, 2018


We survived!!
We survived a road trip with a teething baby and turned around and survived Christmas with a teething baby! All I know is I could use a vacation! Woof that was tiring.
I’ve been off work for over a week now, but today is my first day of doing nothing! I’m trying to cram my list of things to get done into today- starting with a closet clean out. At the beginning (or right before) of each  year I flip all my hangers around. As I wear them I flip the hangers to the correct way and then at the end of the year I get rid of whatever is still on backwards hangers.
Things are a little slower going this year since Naptime wasn’t quite long enough to get everything gone through.
In other news we have a whole lot of new toys. And naturally she still prefers things like tags and cords and the dog water and other stuff she shouldn’t be playing with.
We have an anniversary, New Years, and a couple birthdays to celebrate in the next couple weeks and then I think we’ll be hiding from Father Time! Phew. Feel free to slow down!!